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Dueling tournament " who is badder than me "

modern, Feb 28, 14 6:02 PM.
Why hello my fellow shadows... I know we have been busy doing ...... Well you know ... Things . I think it is fine time that we reintroduced ourself to each other. Now what is the best way to do this.... Should we send cards with our stats, gear, skill points, e.t.c. ...Why no of course ! We have a dueling tournament to sort it out. This way modern can pin that stat sheet to your liver. Now just so no super villain whine or complain, let's set the ground rules . You can not leave the area and come back to the tournament. That means you can't warp to leave the area. You can d/c and not be penalized ( but don't try that I'm losing let me d/c shit).  You cannot duel anybody except your partner to power up your super charge between matches. No loud music coming thru the headphones. All other stuff go for it . There will be 2 rounds. The first round is the sifter. The 2nd round is the crowning. The matches are a best of 3. Anyone challenging a duo, the first match they pick, then the duo pick, then the challenger picks the last one. The finals is simple beat the man that wears the crown. Winner gets a 25$ gift card to Walmart. Good luck!!!!   All members will give the winner 1 red exobit, whether they enter the tournament or not.

New power launch dates

modern, May 7, 13 4:14 PM.
Origin Crisis Launch Dates... CLICK ON THIS FOR A PREVIEW 

Our New Home

modern, May 5, 13 4:34 PM.
It has been fun representing the League of Shadows. Now i will show that same intensity representing our new league, Dusk2Dawn. We change our name due to the copycat leagues that are out there. Plus its nice to have a fresh start. All old members have a chance to join us.

Game update 25

modern, Apr 23, 13 8:04 AM.

The New Champion

modern, Apr 21, 13 4:59 PM.
Assajj Ventress !!!!!!!!!!!! You one bad motherfucker!!!!!!!!! Congrats to all competitors. 
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